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I have travel blogs for all these trips. Will update when I have time! - st



2013: Italy


Friends and Family of the Nisei Veterans (FFNV) 70th Anniversary Tour of Italy.


We went to visit the battlefields, memorials and towns liberated by the 100th Infantry Battalion (Separate) and the 100th/442nd Regimental Combat Team. Both were segregated units made up of Japanese American soldiers.


We visited remote mountain villages, climbed Mt. Folgorito in driving rain and hail, and paid our respects at cemeteries and memorials.




2012: Thailand


Celebrated turning 40 by spending Christmas in Thailand. Got 2 hour Thai massages every other day!













2011: Okinawa Taikai


1,100 Hawaii Okinawans returned to the motherland for the 2011 Okinawa Taikai. Total of 5,000 of the diaspora returned home.













2008: Brazil & Argentina


I was able to attend the centennial celebration of Okinawan immigration to Argentina and Brazil.


In August of 2008, an estimated 6,000 Uchinanchu from around the world converged on Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires, including three groups from Hawaii.









2003: Okinawa (1st Time!)


HUOA Study Tour to Okinawa while my father was president. First trip to Okinawa and meeting relatives there in Itoman!













2003: Singapore & Malaysia


Got a Fulbright Travel Grant to spend a month in Singapore and Malaysia! Amazing experience!












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